Roger Federer -The Spirit Of a Champion

"Its not the mistakes,but our decisions that decide who we are in life".That line proves apt for a man who when asked to chose between soccer and tennis chose the latter as he felt that he could control the ball “better.”

At age seventeen,when he first entered the green lawns at SW19,little did anybody know that this young boy would be writing..or rather re-writing tennis history.
Hence the relevance of Roger Federer.

It doesn’t matter how many Grand Slams you have to Rog’s sixteen,One thing’s for sure..Winning isn’t that easy now.

Federer’s golden period was probably between 2004 -07 where he won every final he had reached in ATP’s ,things were pretty much the same even when it came to the majors.
Every point,every shot he plays exuded so much class that he made his opponents look like amateurs even though they were in the top 10. He would make his players try too hard to get the better of him..But in vain. Players would often try tactics to double him out,but Roger was always a notch higher up.
He had answers to everything.Just about everything.

In the process,Roger turned out to be his own worst enemy.
This man raised the level of the sport so high,that it often lead to questioning whether he is actually even beatable at all.
It wasn’t just about tennis,the entire level of sports in general was raised beyond degrees.
Never had one man single handedly done so much for the game.
Every match he plays shows style,elegance and the greatness with which he plays leaves his opponents in awe and shock.

A straight set win is a literal treat for the eyes,his forehands and footwork is just impeccable.
His tears make you cry with him.

Very modest he is,as you never see him criticizing his opponents,however lower ranked they may be.When he won French Open last year,people assumed his victory was easy because of Rafa’s absence.But RF replied that no Grand Slam final is easy and your opponent is more dangerous if he has won against a higher ranked player to reach the finals.

Roger’s parents Robert and Lynette Federer must certainly be very proud to raise such a well grounded man.
Sports is often associated with link ups to high profile celebrities; on the other hand,Roger is happily married to Miroslava (Mirka) Vavrinec who goes by the association as "former tennis player”.

Federer likes to play it really lose during ATP’s ,..but when it comes to the big M, the Majors,he has a different mindset all together.

Roger’s an all rounder.His versatility compelled former tennis great Jimmy Connors to say this statement in 2006.
“In the modern era,you can either be a hard court,a clay court or a grass court specialist,or you’re ROGER FEDERER.”

Federer has never been portrayed as a celebrity or adulterated as a complex package. He is always known as a tennis player,a sportsperson.Simple.

In spite of having won countless matches,success has never reached his head.He remains to be simple yet stylish.
His charity work shows his human nature and the kindness with which his upbringing was.His mother taught him to always help those who are less privileged.

Sports in today’s times is increasingly being scavenged by scandals,match fixing and players admitting to doping in their Biographies et all,Roger has never being dragged in any controversy,or been a part of any kiss and tell tale,nor does he encourages any thing of that sort.
He promotes a fair and a clean game.

His sixteen (and still counting) majors and 62 (and further counting) ATP’s are enough proof of his greatness,though the acronym GOAT(Greatest Of All Time) does sound very funny.But he is.

Sports wouldn’t have been so great if Federer wasn’t around.He is the antonym of Murphy’s Law.
“If things are gonna happen,then they will happen”

This man has made us imagine that whenever you mention the word “sports” all you can see is Roger Federer.

He may make many errors and commit double faults,BUT one thing’s for sure – His Racquet NEVER fails.Almost Never.

It has been a wonderful and an injury free 12 years for Rog and he is an absolute delight to watch be his tennis matches ,or the ads for which he endorses,he is just super duper awesome!

We might not get to see someone like him again,but his little twin daughters Myla Rose and Charlene Riva will certainly make up for his absence.

Time goes by.
Roger isn’t just a world class player,he is also a great human being.Everyone swears by that.

Those who haven’t seen him play,GO and see him play atleast once.
Afterall,there’s always a difference between perfect and peRFect ,isn’t it?!!

The record’s done , He is just expanding it (to be untouched by human hands for a century perhaps!!).

Roger Federer: Greatest Of All Time.

Ace.Advantage.Game.Set.Match : FEDERER!!

Allez FEDERER!!!

(P.S. Meet you at Roland Garros :-) , Le coupe de Mousquetaires awaits you! )

Winter and Wine

The winter means Take out the blankets and bring out the wine.
What makes is better when you have a hot bowl of chicken soup all wrapped up in a blanket sitting besides a fireplace!.Nothing can beat that.The idea feels all the more romantic when you have him/her along with you.That  makes you feel all the more touchy and edgy doesnt it? Never experienced that kinda emotion before.So if you have anything cooked up ,discuss it right away.

Writer's Block: Sweet and solo
Have you ever made up an excuse to avoid a social obligation so you could spend the evening by yourself? Do your friends and/or family understand when you need some quality time alone?

Getting time all by yourself is a rare privilege let alone having time for your friends and family.It seems as if light years have passed since you've met your loved ones.But it did happen that I did make an excuse to avoid a social meet,as I had a  severe headache.
My family understood that and let me have an evening all by myself.Sometimes this alone "me" time is a very priceless treasure you can own.Things get to sort out in your mind and as Coelho says..The 'second mind' ..that starts taking a higher place you can ever imagine.It was a nice evening spent  sitting atop a windowsill facing the sea,having a cuppa hot black coffee and a Dan Brown book,occasionally raising my head to enjoy the cool breeze just waving across my face.
Friends do understand the motive of quality time..thats why they are always there with us.. some things cannot be shared with anyone,..not even yourself.


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